Tax returns

Taxation of legal entities
  • Tax consulting services;
  • Comprehensive and subject tax review;
  • Tax liquidation services;
  • Tax compliance services;
  • Development of tax accounting policy and tax registers.
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Taxation of individuals:
  • Tax consulting on individuals’ income taxation;
  • Tax consulting on defining individuals’ residency status for local tax purposes;
  • Tax compliance for individuals.
International taxation:
  • Analyzing activities of foreign legal entity in Kazakhstan for defining risk of creating permanent establishment;
  • Consulting services on the form of legal entity foreign company could commence business in Kazakhstan;
  • Analyzing activities of the Branches and Representative offices in Kazakhstan for identifying potential tax risks;
  • Assistance in applying for refund of corporate income tax withheld from income of foreign companies received in the source of Kazakhstan.
  • Analyzing business activities to identify and assess potential tax and legal risks (tax and legal due diligence);
  • Analyzing tax disputes and assesses tax risks.
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